Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Kind of Manna Do You Need?

Several months ago I was led to ponder the idea that God always provides "sufficient for the day".  Lately I have been reminded of His watch care in even the smallest of things.  I have been thinking about when God provided manna for Moses' people when they were in the wilderness.  They were instructed to only take enough for the day  They had been hungry and were afraid there wouldn't be more manna the next day..  They quickly saw that if they took a second days part of manna that it would spoil unless it was the Sabbath.  They were allowed to take an extra portion in preparation for the Sabbath.  The Sabbath manna never spoiled.  God showed them that He would provide for them each day.  Each morning there would be new manna on the ground for them.  He was trying to teach them to put their whole trust in Him.  He was asking them to put their hands, both of them, in His and rely on Him.

In today's world we find it hard to trust that God will provide.  We see stories in the news media of people struggling and not having enough.  And that thinking begins to creep in to our thinking.  We find it easy to to keep our hands in our pockets trying to hold on to what's in there.  How quickly we forget that God provided it in the first place!  Some will quickly say, "But I put that in my pocket by my own efforts.  God didn't put it there, I did."  When I hear someone say words like that I wonder if they know what they're really saying.  They have forgotten that God provides the very air that they are breathing.

God provided the manna in the wilderness thousands of years ago.  He is still providing manna today.  God provides all the types of manna we could ever need.  Some of us need physical manna.  Others of us need the manna of encouragement.  And lest we forget the much needed manna of hope!  

This blog is dedicated to helping you recognize the manna He gives you in your life..  Sometimes you'll find a recipe.  Other times you'll find encouraging words.  Maybe you'll find a picture of something in His creation.  Everything you find here will be a gentle reminder of His ever present watch care  over your life.  And hopefully each time you leave here you'll have the assurance that God is paying close attention to the details of your life and heart.

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